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Our high quality equipment makes us your most efficient and cost-effective partner.

Crop Protection

Parkway Ag offers a wide variety of crop protection products and work closely with worldwide and regional agricultural manufacturers to provide the best products to our customers. These products include chemicals, seed treatments, adjuvants and plant nutrition products. Growers can count on our well trained and knowledgeable sales team to identify the right product for optimum pest control, a healthy plant, and maximum yields.


In addition to recommending fertilizer blends and crop protection products, our sales team is also highly trained to scout crops and make recommendations for effective treatments plans. We are skilled in weed identification, disease identification, identifying insect thresholds and spray timing. Scouting your crop is a key component to identifying and treating problems in a timely manner to ensure a healthy, high yielding crop.

Custom Application

From our grain bins to our spreader trucks, we take great pride inhow we maintain our facilities and equipment. Our applicators are well trained with our state of the art equipment and are able to apply a variety of products accurately and responsibly. We can custom apply the following materials:

Liquid & dry fertilizer (including variable rate)
Lime (including variable rate)
Land plaster
Crop Protection
Foliar Nutrition


Parkway Ag offers top of the line, high yielding corn, soybean, cotton, and wheat seed. We provide the latest hybrids and conventional varieties from the best genetic producers in the country. Our sales team is trained to help you determine which varieties are the best fit for your operation.


Fertilizer is essential in producing a high yielding, profitable crop. Parkway Ag provides quality products that are supplied from highly reputable companies worldwide. We specialize in assisting growers determine what nutrients are needed, as well as optimum timing and application to ensure a healthy and thriving crop. We offer liquid and dry fertilizers, specially blended to fit your needs. We can provide a blend that meets the needs of local soil types or formulate a blend that meets the needs of your specific soil analysis. Our fertilizer services include:

Custom blends
Soil sample analysis
Bulk & bag fertilizer
Liquid Nitrogen
Lime & land plaster
Delivery & Application
GPS Mapping and Variable Rate Application