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From the monthly archives: October 2014

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The Importance of Fall Liming

Fall liming is a very critical and foundational step to the success of a field. Why is fall liming important? Although fall is already a busy time, your soil pH continues to drop as you harvest your crop. Retired NCDA & CS Regional Agronomist, Roger Sugg, says “Successful farming is the result of wise agronomic management of production inputs and available resources. Soil tests will provide guidance for application of lime, a major input in agronomical management of soil resources.” The chemistry of soil is constantly changing with reference to soil acidity and plant available nutrients. Sources of soil acidity include: Organic matter decomposition to humus Clay particles consisting of aluminum and silicon Hydrous oxides of iron and aluminum Exchangeable aluminum Soluble salts Carbon dioxide The natural process of leaching water through the soil profile over time removes vital plant nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium as well as other ...

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